How Fast does the Golf Carts Go



The standard speed of a golf cart today is 12 to 14 miles per hour but


many options are available to increase both the speed and power


should you desire.



Gas Golf Cart


Simply adjusting or removing the governor system on a gas golf cart is


asking for trouble. The engine design RPM should not be exceeded.


Your golf cart professional can adjust these systems to the high end of


the acceptable RPM.
Changing the differential gear ratio is a great way


to gain additional speed, but you will lose low-end torque for hill



climbing so there is a trade off. Speeds of up to 25 MPH are attainable



with the right combination of gear ratio, tire size and engine







Electric Golf Cart


A large assortment of optional motors, controllers and tires can make


your electric golf cart a powerful and fast vehicle. These changes must



be designed as a system where wire size, controller capacity and motor



amp draw are all taken into consideration. Even the forward and



reverse switch may require an upgrade to handle the increased power.



The club car IQ cart has some factory adjustment upgrades available



which is the most cost effective way to attain speeds approaching 20 MPH.


Discuss your requirements with your golf cart professional; and he can



suggest a power package to best give you what you want.